Dom America

DOM US LP01-Ultra 'Youthful Pleasures' LP (1987)
DOM US LP 02-Asmus Tietchens 'Aus Freude Am Elend' LP (1988)
DOM US LP 03-Organum 'Vacant Lights' LP (1988)
DOM US LP 04-Ultra 'Zoll' LP (1989)
DOM USS 05-Ultra 'Sweet Flowers In The Spring / The Society Of Unkissed Beauties' 7" (1989, released as a bonus accompaniment to the blue vinyl edition of 'Zoll')
DOM USS 07-Organum 'Iuel/Wolf' 2x7" (1990)
DOM US CD 10-Hermann Nitsch 'Musik Der 80 Aktion: Volume 1 Platte 1' CD (1991)
DOM US CD 06-C.W. Vrtacek 'Days of Grace' CD (1992)
DOM US LP 08-Ultra 'Spray/Death/Ultra' LP (1992)
DOM US CD 09-Cranioclast 'Iconclastar' CD (1993)
DOM US CD 11-Hermann Nitsch 'Musik Der 80 Aktion: Volume 1 Platte 2' CD (1994)
DOM USS 13-Small Cruel Party 'Seminal Brainpan' 7" (1995)
CE/DOM US CD 14-2-Paul Bowles 'Reads A Hundred Camels in the Courtyard' 2-CD (1999/Co-released with Cadmus Editions)
DOM US CD 12-Ultra 'Stain' CD (2002)
DOM US CS 15-Sex Vid 'Live' Cassette (2006)
DOM USS 16-Sex Vid 'Tania' 7" (2007)
DOM USS 17-Sex Vid 'Nests' 7" (2008)
DOM USS 18-Sex Vid 'Voyeur' 7" (2008)
DOM US 19-Sex Vid 'Communal Living' M-LP (2008)
CE / DOM US CD 20-Paul Bowles 'The Pool K III' CD (2013/Co-released with Cadmus Editions)
DOM US 2LP 21-Ultra 'Roman Holiday' 2-LP (2010)
DOM US LP 24-Milk Music 'Mystic 100's' LP (2017)